Urban Artifact Unveils Refreshed Cans, Mascot for Gadget

Experience the extraordinary as Gadget has undergone a remarkable can refresh. Elevating its appearance to perfectly embody the unique and captivating flavors found within. Every detail of the new design embodies vibrancy, playfulness, and sheer extraordinariness. 

Rest assured, the cherished recipe remains unchanged.

This visual transformation outside serves as a testament to the exceptional taste awaiting inside. Gadget is not just an ordinary beverage; it is a symphony of remarkable berry flavors that sets it apart from the rest. Men’s Journal has declared Gadget as One of the Top 50 Beers in the World in 2023, it has won countless awards, and is the original Midwest Fruit Tart. Discover the embodiment of the mixed berry journey that unfolds within our new Gadget cans.

Meet our Robot Friend… Gadget!

The first thing you’ll notice is our new berry loving robot friend, Gadget! Designed for berry picking aptitude, this plucky robot is responsible for harvesting our blackberries and raspberries at the peak of ripeness for use in its namesake beverage. Having picked, brewed, and packaged 0.3% of all the raspberries and blackberries grown in the USA, this berry loving robot is responsible for all the tasty Gadget you enjoy.Another shift that will catch your attention is renaming the flavor of Gadget to Mixed Berry. We’ve updated this terminology to be both simpler and look better on the can.The recipe remains unchanged, Gadget is still the same raspberry and blackberry midwest fruit tart that we all love.

Did you know that Gadget is available in 22 states? It’s our most popular fruit tart of all-time! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the Gadget experience, we promise that this can refresh will take your enjoyment to new heights. Visit your nearest retailer or explore our website to discover the enticing new look of Gadget Mixed Berry Fruit Tart. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our brand. We can’t wait for you to experience the remarkable refresh of Gadget Mixed Berry Fruit Tart firsthand.

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