Urban Artifact to Release Black Raspberry Tart, Bathysphere

Introducing Bathysphere, Urban Artifact‘s bold Black Raspberry Midwest Fruit Tart that is reminiscent of a sweet and tart homemade black raspberry jam.
With the crisp acidity of the black raspberry playing through, the flavor is balanced by the slight warmth of alcohol and a touch of vanilla. The aroma follows suit, starting off with fresh black raspberry characteristics that are well balanced by the aroma of walking through a bramble patch. Bathysphere will hit the taproom on October 22 for $19.99 a 4/pack.
Black Raspberries are notoriously difficult and tedious to grow, making this domestic berries both rare and expensive. They require specific growing conditions and need to be isolated from both red and blackberries in order to survive. Which means there are limited growers who can produce large crops of fruit for distribution.
However, these delicious berries are hyper expressive, saturated with color, and highlight the terroir of the Pacific Northwest. With 2,400 lbs of black raspberries per 60 bbl batch this beer is something you don’t want to miss.
A bathysphere was one of the first versions of a modern day submarine. Unpowered, and tethered by cables, this device was the first of its kind to give marine biologists the chance to observe marine life in its natural habitat.

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