Urban Artifact Pickle: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

The original pickle beer first brewed by Urban Artifact in Cincinnati is back. Pickle is the newest addition to the Urban Artifact year round line-up and is now featured exclusively in 12-packs! It is available February 20, 2023 everywhere Urban Artifact’s products are sold. 

Urban Artifact’s Pickle is brewed with cucumbers, fresh dill, coriander seed, and sea salt for a crisp and refreshing drink. Pickle is the original modern pickle beer, first brewed in December of 2015, the inaugural pickle beer was made as an homage to the old German tradition of putting a pickle in your christmas tree. Little did the brewers at Urban Artifact know that what started out as a fun tongue-in-cheek project, would become a cult favorite imitated, but never duplicated, by other breweries across the country.

Pickle is the perfect accompaniment for food, cook-outs, fun mixed drinks (Pickle Michelada!), and our sales team’s favorite: the infamous “PickleBack”. A half shot of your whisky of choice pairs perfectly with a can of Pickle beer. Reward your curiosity with an Urban Artifact Pickle.

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