Urban Artifact Acquires Northside Real Estate Lease

Urban Artifact is proud to announce that they have entered into a lease agreement with Gaslight Property for the historic warehouse space located at 1638 Blue Rock Street, next to Hoffner Park. The 53,000 square foot space will allow the 6-year-old craft brewery to continue to grow as a neighborhood community hub for their sour beer and fruit focus. The brewery built their taproom and music venue into the heart of a historic 1873 church building next door to the existing warehouse. The Radio Artifact media lounge has expanded to incorporate recording, radio, streaming, and has become a platform for artistic content development. The taproom and outdoor courtyard have grown to be a staple for neighborhood gathering and a regional destination for beer lovers.

As part of the expansion plans, the additional warehousing space will be used for packaging operations, storage, and offices while the production brewery continues to expand inside of the St. Patrick’s gymnasium building. Urban Artifact intends to preserve the historic warehouse facade and keep all of the circa 1900 architectural elements intact. The brand is based on the beauty and historic elements found in the built environment, and the character of this uniquely urban Northside neighborhood is a key part of the neighborhood’s beauty and appeal.

Urban Artifact owner, Bret Kollmann Baker helped work out the details. “We’d like to thank Gaslight for being incredibly helpful and thorough during this process. We’ve been utilizing a small portion of the space for the past several years, and when Gaslight bought the property, they were dedicated to keeping us in the space and working together. We appreciate being able to continue to grow our small business with the help of a company that also got their start in Northside.”

Dave Taylor, CEO of Gaslight, said, “I hope that this partnership will facilitate the growth of Urban Artifact within Northside, and could lead to other projects between the parties in the future.”

As Urban Artifact continues to grow their production and distribution footprint, their community oriented goals and mindset are more important than ever. Marketing Coordinator Hannah Rogers explains, “We look forward to renovating and resorting this old carriage manufacturing space to working order, cleaning up the back parking area, and continuing to contribute to Northside in a positive manner. We are deeply thankful to the neighborhood that has encouraged Urban Artifact to be our authentic selves, thrive, and brew our world-class fruit and sour beers.”

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