Bauhaus Brew Labs Adds Drive-Thru Service

Bauhaus Brew Labs has announced the opening of a drive-thru window for purchasing growlers and crowlers to-go while their taproom service is forced to stay closed. “We’re in an unfortunate position right now that leaves us without any taproom revenue and without any keg sales to our bars and restaurant partners that have also had to close,” says DJ LaFontsee, Director of Sales. “It’s really a double whammy.”

Bauhaus Co-Founder, Mike Schwandt, is excited about the opportunity this presents to cross off a goal that the Bauhaus family has had since first opening the brewery in 2014. “We’ve always wanted a drive-thru,” says Schwandt. “It’s never worked for this reason or that, but now we’re finally doing it and I think that’s a pretty cool silver lining.” Customers of drinking age will be able to pre-order growlers and crowlers of Bauhaus’ freshly-made beer, as well as brewery merchandise and taproom gift cards, online and drive right up to the taproom’s designated window to pick up their order with a valid ID. “We’re really just trying to make it easy for our customers to stay as safe as possible and still be able to purchase a locally made beer, and maybe have a bit of fun doing it.” Schwandt emphasizes. “We’re ironing out delivery option as well, and expect to launch that service by the end of the week.”

Drive-thru hours are 12:00pm – 8:00pm Monday – Saturday starting today, March 19th. Patrons can place orders via Bauhaus’ online swag shop, and select “pickup”.  When individuals enter the drive-thru, they are asked that their orders are pulled up on their phone.  Please note that Bauhaus is not allowing walk-ins into the taproom and all orders will be handled via the drive-thru moving forward.


“If you’ve ever been to our taproom, you’ve probably struggled to pronounce the word ‘Gemutlichkeit’ emblazoned on the neon sign above our bar,” chuckles Bauhaus’ Director of Sales, DJ LaFontsee. “Gemutlichkeit [pronounced ‘geh-myoot-lihk-ite’] doesn’t really have a direct translation to English, but in short it’s the German word used to describe a general feeling of kinship, warmth, wellbeing, and connectedness. It’s the feeling you get when hanging out with close friends, it’s the warmth of a family dinner during the holidays, and it’s the energy that we want constantly radiating out of our taproom. Building that feeling of Gemutlichkeit is the driving ethos behind our entire business. The thing is, it’s hard to foster a feeling of community and connectedness when we’re literally forced to stay away from each other.”

So, the team got to work building a “virtual taproom.” Utilizing the free app Discord, Bauhaus was able to create a virtual meeting place for their customers and employees to converse and interact just like they do in their physical taproom. “Discord allows us to create different channels of conversation curated by our staff, voice chats that can be used to host live conversations about the things we love like beer and music, and streams of all the music and silly videos we’ve created over the years,” says LaFontsee.

Currently, conversation topics include the likes of “bad movie sequels,” “spicy guitar solos,” and “pandemic shenanigans,” as well as channels to chat about what beers you’re drinking, what shows you’re streaming, and what albums you’re listening to while isolated at home. LaFontsee continues, “We really want this to be a space to screw around and talk to your friends as well as people you haven’t met yet, just like our physical taproom.” If you’d like to access the Bauhaus Virtual Taproom, you can follow the link here or navigate to the server using the link in the brewery’s Instagram bio.

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