Unibroue Expands Beyond Belgian Style with New Autre Chose Peach IPA

Unibroue’s new Autre Chose Peach IPA is now available for a limited time in select markets including California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Long Island, New York after a successful initial opening in Canada. The Peach IPA is the first of the Autre Chose series, which will deliver surprising new beer releases throughout the year.

Each beer in the Autre Chose series, meaning “something else”, is designed to push back the limits of the brewery’s traditions, offering stylistic novelties different from the bottle fermented Belgian Style beers Unibroue has built its reputation upon.

Dry-hopped, single-fermented and unfiltered, the 6% ABV Autre Chose Peach IPA is brewed with Cascade, Galaxy, Citra and Lemondrop hops. The beer pours a royal gold with orange highlights, boasting a bright white head that blankets a delicate bouquet of aromas. The blend of ripe peach and fresh hop fragrance melds together to create a bright and balanced bitterness that envelopes notes of apple, lemon and tropical fruit along with a delicately spicy, piney and floral hop presence. The end result is a dazzlingly deep mélange of flavor combinations which create an unforgettable sensory experience.

Its cloudy appearance belies the same crisp and drinkable character fans have come to expect from each Unibroue beer, while also departing from the Belgian tradition to bring you a luscious, fruited and surprisingly hop-forward flavor adventure.

In keeping with the experimental nature of the series, some beers in the series will be available for only a limited time in select markets while others may stay on shelves for longer periods, or even year-round. Look for the inaugural Autre Chose Peach IPA on shelves near you in 4-packs of one pint 16-ounce cans through September and while supplies last.

Autre Chose Peach IPA

  • Style: International IPA
  • Strength: 6% ABV
  • Effervescence: High amount of fine bubbles
  • Aroma: Delicate peach notes and sweet, herbaceous fragrance
  • Flavor: Ripe peach flavor mingled with fresh hops supporting a bright, balanced bitterness
  • IBU: 50
  • SRM: 7
  • Body: Medium
  • Serving Temperature: 39° to 46° F
  • Aging: Best Fresh

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