Discover Unique Strategies to Reach New Consumers

Serving beer to the Charlotte area for nearly a decade now, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is looking at a new way to reach markets and consumers they wouldn’t otherwise.

Adding a taproom to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport by the end of 2017 is a new goal.

“We hope for our 12-15 seat bar to open at some point within the year,” said Jocelyn Ruark, the brewery’s Marketing Manager. All other specifics on the space are still to be determined.

The brewery has had taps at a handful of airport bars in various concourses, but this will be the first time the brewery’s brand will be showcased all together in one mini taproom. Ruark said this is a great branding opportunity.

“[We can] showcase our beer to travelers and to highlight how we contribute to making the Queen City a special place to visit and live,” she said. “For traveling Charlotteans, at the airport we’re they’re last taste of home and their first welcome back. That is invaluable to us. We also have a great relationship with the airport and have experienced real value being on tap there.”

The brewery, which produced nearly 22,000 barrels for the Charlotte area in 2016, was asked by HMS Host at the airport to participate in plan to revamp the Concourse E area of the airport.

“We happily accepted,” Ruark said. “We appreciate and value HMS prioritizing a local brand over a national or international one.”

The North Carolina self distributor cap is 25,000 barrels, and Ruark said the cap weighs on the brewery’s mind.

“But, as a business, OMB must look ahead and continue driving toward its core goal of enriching the quality of life in the Charlotte region, despite the obstacles created by the misguided barrel cap law,” she said.

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