Tips on Connecting with Consumers Via Twitter

​Each social media platform has value in different ways, it seems. For Twitter, the outlet is seen as a way to instantly connect one-on-one with a consumer. Engagement and banter is more the norm as well while multiple posts on your timeline aren’t seen as spamming as it could be in a social media venue like Facebook.

Ecliptic Brewing uses Twitter as a quick way to connect with consumers about everything that the brewery is doing day-to-day. Marketing Manager Colette Becker noted that the Portland, Oregon facility shares happenings in the restaurant — such as all-day happy hours, upcoming events and charity days.

“We like to engage with our customers, no matter which social media platform,” Becker said.

Nick Beard at Cheboygan Brewing said the brewery has Twitter, but the majority of ​his interactions are on Facebook or Instagram.

​”​On Twitter, we get a lot of ​Untappd check-ins and Digital Beer Board notifications which then are retweeted​,” he said​. ​”​This is a very helpful way to connect with our fans and a good way for me to search and see how people are perceiving our beer.​”​

​Stoup Brewing doesn’t have published policies regarding tagging ​the Seattle brewery, but Lara Zahaba said ​they would delete or remove any offensive content​ if the brewery​ is tagged.

“We often reply, like, or recirculate tweets that are engaged with our content,” she said. “Of course Twitter does allow followers to send a direct message.

“For us, Twitter is an effective way to promote the goings-on at the brewery. Just the facts in a concise format.”

There are no hard-line policies in place at Cheboygan as well, but Beard always reads what a consumer has to say about the Michigan brewery and he will respond.

“If it is a negative comment, I try to move it to email or messaging so we are not discussing the issue in public,” he said. “Oftentimes, it is just a misunderstanding.”

Ecliptic reviews all tags and mentions daily, “…and we get a lot of them,” Becker said. “We try to like/respond to all worthwhile mentions — although some are just auto-tagged from an app, like Untappd.

“Anyone that reaches out with a meaningful and well-thought-out comment usually warrants a similarly thought-out response.”

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