Three Strategies for Having Guest Taps

In opening a brewery, developing a rapport with your community can take a while. And, knowing how much beer you have to have on hand each week takes some time to figure out as well.

For Wild Side Brewing, Nicholas Scott opened his Wild Ale and Barrel-Aged brewery in a small tourist town of Grand Rapids, Ohio — 20 miles west of Toledo — and knew he would need more than just his beer on tap to start.

Having more than his beers — which are very niche — on hand could help educate the area along with help build stock.

“Having guest taps allows us to present the best of the many other styles of beer that we all love to our guests on a more consistent basis,” Scott said. “[It] still allows us the freedom to focus more of our time and energy on our barrels and wild yeast cultures when we need to.”

Wild Side pours other local breweries along with regional favorites while working with his bar staff to encourage the Wild Side beers as well.

“We are first and foremost fans of craft beer and the world-class beers this golden age of Ale has produced,” Scott pointed out. “Never before has there been a greater array of styles, a greater focus on quality and more talented brewers pushing the envelope of what beer can be.

“I want to share this culture and experience with as many people as possible and that starts with supporting our brothers and sisters by putting there beer on tap and presenting it the way should be.”

Peace Tree Brewing typically has guest taps for products the Des Moines, Iowa brewery doesn’t carry. Two examples would be cider and kombucha.

“This has a positive impact on our own sales because it helps us fill a need for those customers who aren’t looking for a beer that visit,” said Marketing Director Mike Benson. “This is particularly true if that person is in a group of beer drinkers who want to stay for a couple.”

Typically Crooked Stave does not host beers other than its own at its taprooms.

The brewery does, however, participate in Brasserie-Brouwerij Cantillon’s annual event honoring its yearly rendition of its ever changing Lambic, Zwanze. The event takes place in late September of each year.

“Zwanze Day is held around the globe at selected various locations and we are honored each and every year that we participate in this event,” said Rosanna Romero, Crooked Stave’s Marketing Coordinator.

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