Three Reasons Integrating Your Operations Will Future Proof Your Business

The craft beverage industry is a dynamic marketplace with constantly evolving consumer demands and an ever-changing roster of competitors and mergers. This has been the case even before COVID disrupted the way the world conducts business. The pace of change is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, benefiting those prepared to evolve and sinking whoever cannot keep up. To get ahead, consider the value of connected datasets across the supply chain. A streamlined process with visibility across the three tiers will help ensure your business partners are all on the same page, increasing reliability and profits for all involved.

Navigate Industry Disruption

The ongoing pandemic has introduced a “new normal” of on-premise closures and changing consumer habits as people spend more time at home. At the same time, businesses are forced to quickly pivot to changing federal, state, and local mandates. To stabilize your position in the marketplace, you will need to streamline your operations to minimize unforeseen disruptions that may arise.

Syncing data from producers, distributors, and retailers allows you to produce insightful demand plans that seamlessly integrate across the three tiers. While the information was previously siloed, with a digitally connected supply chain, you will gain actionable insights to predict consumer behavior and identify growth opportunities by forecasting sales levels. Through this connected and streamlined approach, all data from grain to glass stays in view to keep you one step ahead of the latest disruption.

Manage Increasing Complexity

When working with disparate systems, a mixup of information can lead to delays and wasted opportunities. As your operation grows, it becomes even more difficult to serve your expanding customer base. Everything from the logistics of getting your product where it needs to go to maintaining a consistent brand image across the board, adds additional layers of complexity to running your business. Rather than expand through trial and error, optimize your production process by utilizing an ERP with consumer and market insights powering your decisions.

The accelerating pace of change in the craft beverage industry demands that producers become increasingly agile. The best way to do that is to leverage technology to better connect your product with distributors and retailers. Your production benefits from being connected to retail insights and sales figures so you can see what is selling well and where it is selling at. With point-of-sale data, you will have the necessary insights to accurately forecast how much product you should be producing to meet your future demand. Rather than relying on previous expectations from past years, having the current data on hand allows you to prepare for changes in the marketplace in real time.

Control Costs & Cash Flow

Cash flow is key to running a successful brewery. As new sales come in, they are usually bundled with the added chore of reconciling the disparate system used by new partners. Rather than assign employee time to settle the books, incorporating all incoming orders into a centralized portal will streamline the payment process while providing a convenient overview of your cash flow.

In a growing and fragmented marketplace, automation is your friend. Schedule when payments are due and automate the reordering process to keep your production moving like clockwork. With a comprehensive overview at your fingertips, you will possess an added understanding of how your beverages are being sold in order to properly plan your production output.

Having a complete overview allows your team to see how resources are being spent and better allocate them. With a comprehensive overview of your costs, you can better assign cash flow to ensure your business invests in successful products and partnerships. A synced overview across the three tiers streamlines workflow and simplifies complexities within the marketplace, giving you all the information you need to strategically fill the supply chain with products that are in demand. Connect your data across the three tiers today to advance your operations with confidence in an industry that is anything but certain.

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