This Unique Idea Propelled Online Sales for Champion

For Champion Brewing Company, the pandemic inspired a new way for the Charlottesville, Virginia facility to engage with customers virtually.

The brewery began virtual tours and tastings for corporate and social groups to help find a new way to reach a potential new consumer base.

Here’s how the brewery worked the logistics, with information provided by brewery representative, Marijean Oldham.

First, we shipped a selection of beer out to everyone participating (these groups were associations and members of a university department). Curbside pickup was available for local participants but some were in various locations all over the country.

We met with each group via Zoom and provided a description of each of the beers, followed by a question-and-answer session.

In one session, Oldham explained that they gave a virtual tour of the brewery, allowing customers nationwide to see the brewery’s operation for the first time.

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“It was exciting to be able to include far-reaching Champion fans in an engaging virtual event, which likely never would have been on offer from us pre-pandemic,” she said. “We’re eager to get the word out to offices, social groups, associations, and others that this is a fun option for your virtual retreat, online meetup, or as an add-on to your regular trivia night.”

Although a unique strategy for the brewery, it did announce on May 8 that it would start to open its taproom to consumers once again.

Written on a social media post: “Our bar has missed your elbows and we have missed you. Our family. Our regulars. Our community. Our beating heart.”

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