This Single Implementation Can Cut Costs for Tap Room Signage

The standard tap room ​signage is always helpful and a menu to pursue is great as well, but needs to be updated frequently and that can cost time and money.

An economical idea that breweries like Mother Road and Wild Heaven have is the addition of a QR code to quickly update menus and give consumers the menu right in the palm of their hand via a cellphone.

“One of our company values is ‘Resourcefulness,’ so the QR codes and digital menus help us cut down costs and supplies by not printing many paper menus out,” explained Mother Road Tap Room Manager, Dyland Prater.

QR codes were a must, said Wild Heaven Executive VP Sarah Young, and the codes have made their way into permanent signage throughout the Atlanta brewery’s spaces. That includes table tents, chalkboards, bar tops, wall posters, and more.

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Wild Heaven has always used both outdoor directional chalkboards and indoor feature chalkboards at both brewery locations, with the permanent information being professionally hand-written with chalk paint. They also use TVs with Untappd menus at its West End location — as that brewery also has a food menu.

“We do printouts for [customers],” Young said, “but you can also scan QR codes in multiple spots for both the food and beer. We always had a print menu option for anyone who didn’t want to scan the QR code.”

​Mother Road makes sure a tap list is shown on TVs at the bar​ along with​ QR codes ​posted ​for ​a tap list at the table. ​Prater added that using​ a printed menu at the bar​ is​ primarily for flights​.

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