Thirsty Folks Demand More Summit Keller Pils

So a funny thing happened here at Summit Brewing Company. We said we weren’t going to brew any more of our limited-edition Summit Keller Pils, a breakout hit from last year’s 30th Anniversary Series, but everyone told us we had to.

In a blind tasting, Paste Magazine named it the number-two pilsner in the world. Beeradvocate called it “crushable,” and RateBeer gave it a 98. You sent us Tweets, Facebook messages, and emails asking for more. You called and texted. Bottom line, you loved it, you drank it all up, and you asked for more. And we answered. Truth is, we really didn’t have a choice.

We understand the fuss, of course. Weyermann Barke Pilsner Malt gives Keller Pils a malty-sweet, honey-tinged undertone. Traditional Tettnang hops provide a spicy, floral character, and Huell Melon hops, a modern variety, complement with gentle citrus bitterness. The result is a refreshing, balanced, traditional and unfiltered German-style pilsner. And it’s back.

Asked if he changed anything this time around, Summit’s Head Brewer Damian McConn had this to say: “No.”

Pressed for more, he opened up. “I wanted to make a German-style pils for over a decade. We’ve always had our Czech-style Summit Pilsener, but German styles have more hops, are more bitter, more herbal, and a little spicier. Plus, a beer like this allows us to showcase our traditional German brewhouse.” You’ve seen those gorgeous copper kettles, right?

Have a look at the brewhouse and be among the first to taste Keller Pils Thursday, April 13, only at the Summit Beer Hall.

Meanwhile, Keller Pils is already packaged and on its way out the door, both on draft and in 12-oz. cans. Find it now inside the Boundary Waters Box, a variety pack also featuring Summit Wit Bier, Hefeweizen, and Summer Ale. In the coming weeks, look for Keller Pils on its own in 6-packs and 12-packs. Which is just what you asked for.

“We didn’t change a thing,” Damian says, “because you don’t change what people love.”

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