Circular Beer to Have “Home” American Lager Launch This Month

“Home” will see its official world debut in the format we’ve envisioned on Saturday, April 8, at Knotted Root Brewing Company in Nederland, Colorado.

It was released in the summer of 2022 in 16 oz four-packs as we worked through trial batches and refined the concept, can design, and recipe. For the official release and moving forward, “Home” will be packaged in 12-oz six-packs and reach a wider market than we’ve ever worked to meet before.

The ultimate goal for “Home” is become a regional Lager brand rooted in simplicity, consistency, and at a truly affordable price point… one more in line with the “macro” beers of our time. The reason behind this is to serve as a counter point to craft beer pricing and complexity, yet, with a craft beer lens. So as opposed to Coors or Budweiser and the super heavy hitters, we see this brand more in line with Rainier, Yuengling, Utica Club and likes of domestic and intentional regional lagers from around the world. 

“Home” is a 100% malt-based American Lager recipe that is crushable and designed for us to “not think.” The purpose behind this is for us to focus on our friends, family, and the conversation that hopefully ensues when we’re together drinking this exceptional American Lager. 

The extended cold fermentation process creates a clean flavor profile reminiscent of larger, nationally distributed breweries, but with a extra emphasis on process and quality that makes this beer stand out amongst its competition. And with a name like “Home”, we truly believe that this will make those who drink it feel that way. 

Our plan to partner with a larger brewery to increase production and accessibility has proven to be a major undertaking, one that we are happy to say has proven to be fruitful during the production process and we are confident that this success behind the brand and those producing it will translate to distribution and brand development.  The slogan is “Optimal Cold Refreshment” for a reason and we know you’ll understand why when you try this beer for the first time.

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