These 4 Things Could Increase a Tip at Your Brewpub

Happy waiter giving beer to his customers while serving them in a bar.

James McReynolds, the General Manager for Adirondack Brewer and /Lake George Brewpub doesn’t see it as a strategy, but with the industry as a whole becoming more and more competitive, he feels being very concerned with the experience a customer has while they are on your grounds is sometimes overlooked. 

“If the beer and/or food are great, that is a plus,” he said. “But if the total experience is not then you need to change it up. 

“I think a lot of the industry focuses on how great their beer or food is. But they forget to think about if the customer is having fun while they are visiting as your guest.”

Making a great experience is a key also in making sure a guest wants to stick around for another flight or pint. That can help increase an overall ticket price and in turn help boost a tip for your beertender or server.

Here are some other important strategies that brewpubs can use to increase customer tips 

  • Offer Unique Experiences: Everyone wants to feel special and be part of something unique. Offer special events such as beer tastings or a beer education class. By creating that memorable experience, a customer will be more likely to leave a generous tip. 
  • Provide Great Service: All customers expect to receive excellent service when they visit any brewery. Your brewpub should ensure that your staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. By providing that great service, customers will be more likely to leave a generous tip.

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  • Offer Special Promotions: Special promotions can help increase tips as well. If you can offer discounts on beer flights or free appetizers with a purchase, a promotion like that could help in making your guests feel valued, and they will be more likely to leave a generous tip. 
  • Create a Fun Atmosphere: Create a fun atmosphere by playing music, offering games, and hosting trivia nights. By creating a fun atmosphere, your guests will be more likely to leave a generous tip.

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