The Most Read Stories of 2021

After crunching the numbers, here are the most read stories of 2021 on

Contract Brewing Questions You Need to Ask

For Lift Bridge’s Dan​ Schwarz, contract brewing has been a part of the Minnesota brewery’s DNA from Day 1. Starting by having its brands made at Flat Earth Brewery in 2008 to now being a veteran brewery that works with multiple smaller facilities to help them grow, all the while still contract brewing with places like Point Brewing and Summit, Schwarz knows his way around the contract brewing needs and wants from both sides of the production.

In Hong Kong, The Things Yardley Brothers Does to Be More than a Alcohol Producer

Yardley Brothers​, based​ ​in Hong Kong, has recently announced a partner​ship with Open Book Extracts (OBX) Asia to release its first CBD infused beer. Lo/Hi Mango Cheesecake CBD Sour is the first instalment in a range of CBD beers planned​.​

The Pivot Point That Launched Troegs Growth Spike

Opening in 1996, both founding brothers — John and Chris Trogner — saw slow growth as Troegs Independent Brewing built its name on a core lineup of four beers through case sales in distribution. That’s quite a different formula for a brewery to start now. Yet, when the central Pennsylvania brewery saw the most explosive growth of its brand was just 10 years ago as it moved from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to a new production space in Hershey.

How Alternate Ending​ Created a Unique Look to Tap Into Its Community

​Creating eye-catching designs that tell a story and draw in a consumer can be the first step toward ​capturing that person toward an enjoyable stay at your taproom. Design and pop culture while also connecting to the community was on the mind of Alternate Ending Beer when the Aberdeen Township, New Jersey brewery staked its home in a local movie theater.

​Why Nitro Can Be a Good Idea for Your Brewhouse​

​Better for the environment and easier on the pocketbook, using nitro in more than just a Stout is a thing that Foundation Brewing is championing heading into 2022. The Portland, Maine brewery added nitro to the brewhouse as well to help use less carbon dioxide in day-to-day operations, and it’s paying off in many aspects without losing any quality to the beer.

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