The Focus Stony Creek Plans Under New CEO Shannon

The announcement last week of the addition of industry veteran Dan Shannon as CEO for Stony Creek Brewery is a step made in securing the future for the veteran Connecticut brewpub.

Shannon brings more than 30 years of experience in the industry including leadership positions in both sales and marketing for multiple national brands and now he looks to make a mark with the Branford-based organization.

A change in the definition of craft beer growth is something that Shannon said is on the mind of many breweries across the nation, Stony Creek notwithstanding.

​”Breweries are looking less at how far from the brewery they can distribute their beer and more into how they can build partnerships in and near their home market​,” he told Brewer .”Our focus will be to bring innovative brands and ideas to our wholesalers and consumers by creating a culture of inclusion and partnership.​”​

He added that Stony Creek is always striving to bring value to its partners, and bring captivating experiences to consumers.

“It’s about finding the niche consumers may not even know they are looking for and delivering on it,” he said.

David Morrice was also selected as Vice President of Sales going forward. He comes to Stony Creek from Nashville where he was the Director of Sales at Yazoo Brewing Company.

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“The Crowley’s have built a talented and passionate team to create incredible offerings and memorable experiences,” Shannon said. “My focus is on assisting the team and their collective efforts to amplify the Stony Creek experience.

“David brings a world of beverage experience and is a tremendous asset to our team. David and I are focused on bringing the best out of them, Stony Creek Brewery, and the community we serve.​”​

Founder Ed Crowley, Sr., added that both bring a lot to the table and they show passion for the brewery’s beers and ideals.

​Shannon added that the New England craft community and the Connecticut breweries ​leave him humbled to be a part of the scene​.

“I​ will strive to add value to this tight-knit family​,” he said.

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