The Concept That Makes Lawson’s Finest Liquids Pop on Shelves

Over the years Sean Lawson said he has been very closely involved in the branding for the Lawson’s Finest Liquids brands.

“The packaging, what it looks and feels like, and the conceptual ideas for the designs that go into it,” he said. 

The popular Vermont brewery’s famous flagship, Sip of Sunshine IPA, was a catalyst in what the brand portfolio looks like today, in fact.

Starting in 2008 as a one-barrel brewery, eventually, packaging included 22-ounce bombers. But now, the brand sits on local shelves in a variety of solid colors with a single logo of a brand with its name to give it a portfolio-wide look while still being its own brand per beer. But Sip got it started, Lawson told Brewer, as he chatted about the newest year-round brand added in this year, Hazy Rays IPA. (Editor’s Note: A Brew Review on Hazy Rays will be posted on Saturday, May 27)

“An idea that came to me one day. It’s like, Sunshine should be bright yellow, it would completely stand out on the shelf,” he said. “We’ll put a big sun in the middle, it should have curvy rays.”

That concept, bright yellow led to other brands with a solid eye-catching color, like Double Sunshine (orange) and Little Sip (bright blue). Hazy Rays features a bold purple.

“We thought what was missing in the rainbow of colors that we have out there in the market,” Lawson said. “We landed on purple and we hope that really that it speaks to an audience even that might not even be interested in beer. We hope it just catches their eye.

“We’re hoping part of our approach as a brand is really to try to create a place and a brand where everyone is welcome and that we can speak to people from all types and all backgrounds.”

Lawson said the color-blocking scheme is a great architecture for the label.

“We’re really psyched we landed on the bright colors,” he said. “It really jumps on the shelf and it’s noticeable from a distance.”

Although he does think of himself as a brand person, over the years Lawson said they have brought on a great team and marketing director to lead the way. 

“I’m definitely not holding on to the reins quite as tightly designed as I used to, because we have a really fantastic plant team in place,” he said.

Photo courtesy Lawson’s Finest Liquids

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