Test Kitchen: Reflections on a Reopening

Last Friday, May 22 was our first day reopening the Test Kitchen taproom. We only have three table tops available inside but all of our picnic tables outside available for customers.

Luckily we also had a food truck arrive that evening, which assisted in drawing a crowd. Patronage was steady from the moment we opened until close, but we didn’t quite have the floods of people that some locations did.

I think I see that as a blessing. This week we are tempering our open times and emphasizing beer to go, but also allowing patrons to enjoy the patio and limited indoor seating.

This limited operation will probably exist until around July when we reach a larger level of occupation from our state. We’re lucky to have a fantastic patio on a main thoroughfare within our city, but we want to also protect our staff and our patrons.

Almost all of our patrons abide by our orders for masks inside without any disturbance — of course there are a few with mixed feelings, but we’ve tried to discourage those conversations as much as possible.

This week we’ll be open from 3-7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. These limited hours will allow us to serve our community but also limit the amount of contact we have each day.

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