Temperance Beer Announces ’22 Might Meets Right Lineup

Temperance Beer Co. is proud to announce their 2022 Might Meets Right barrel-aged stouts. This year’s offerings take the imperial stout from Temperance, Evanston’s first brewery, and age it in Rye and Bourbon barrels from FEW Spirits, the city’s first distillery.

The 2022 variants include FEW Bourbon, FEW Rye, ¡La Sorpresa! (Mexican Hot Chocolate), and Coconut Coffee (Toasted Coconut with Tugboat cold brew).

“We’re trying a few new things this year,” said Temperance founder Josh Gilbert. “First, we’re using FEW barrels exclusively, and since we’re using a mix of bourbon and rye barrels, we decided to offer each as separate variants so that you can really compare for yourself the nuances that the different whiskeys bring to the beer. ¡La Sorpresa!is back,” said Gilbert, “this year with four times the amount of vanilla beans as last year while dialing down the cinnamon a bit.”

He continued, “we can’t wait for everyone to try the new Coconut Coffee variant, which came about when our brewer Connor was enjoying a coconut-infused Nescafe and could not stop telling us how amazing it was. He didn’t let us try it though, so we decided to make this variant instead.”

Gilbert went on, “I love that this year’s Might Meets Right is a collaboration between Evanston’s first (and only) distillery and Evanston’s first brewery. It’s hard to imagine this sort of thing happening in this town even just 15 years ago. I’m thrilled we’ve moved beyond imagining to making things happen.”

This year’s offerings will be released to the public on Saturday, November 12, at noon in a variety four-pack that includes one of each variant, as well as two-packs of each variant, both in 12 oz cans, and on draft in their Tap Room.

Temperance Beer Co. is also hosting a Sneak Peek event on Thursday, November 10 from 7-9 pm. Attendees will not only be the first to enjoy a generous pour of each variant and take home a mixed four-pack, they will also get a gorgeous Edel 35 cL stemmed glass etched with Temperance logos, mingle with fellow barrel-aged beer enthusiasts and the brewers who brought this year’s vintage to life. Plus, Sneak Peek ticket holders will be able to purchase additional variety four- and variant two-packs that evening, as well.

  • VARIANTS:FEWRye (11.5% ABV) After aging in a FEW™ rye whiskey barrels, the rich dark malts mellow and take on notes of oak, vanillin, and a hint of spice. 
  • FEWBourbon (12% ABV)After aging in a FEW™ bourbon whiskey barrels, the rich dark malts mellow and take on notes of dark chocolate, sweet cherry, and luscious dark fruit. 
  • ¡La Sorpresa! (11.8% ABV)Each vintage is slightly different depending on the cinnamon, the peppers, and the barrels, but it’s always inspired by spicy, cinnamony Mexican hot chocolate.
  • Coconut Coffee (toasted coconut with Tugboat cold brew) (11.8% ABV)After aging in a combination of FEW™ bourbon & rye barrels, we add toasted coconut and Tugboat Coffee cold brew, and the result is a beverage that blends the best parts of island delights and winter warmers.

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