Taking Feedback, Seeing What Will Stick; How Two Brothers Has Handled Pivots​

Two Brothers​’ co-founder Jason Ebel said they made a difficult decision ​in late October ​to close all three locations due to state mitigations.

​Ebel said the Illinois brewery switched to selling products online and having pickup dates where customers can pick up their orders and hang out and have a beer outside if they choose.

​”Our customers have been very supportive,” he told Brewer for a story that will be included in the January/February 2021 issue on adapting to COVID restrictions. “When we announced we would be temporarily closing our doors, they were very understanding.

“They have helped by supporting us through online and in-store purchases, as well as attending our pop-up and outdoor events.”

​The brewery was able to hold a few pop-up events​ ​when the weather allowed ​where it would open ​its patio/parking lot for safe and socially distanced dining.

Making Changes

Some of the changes ​Ebel said they have implemented ​for the Midwest brewery this winter ​include:

  • heating ​the outdoor patio
  • going to digital menus
  • purchasing an outdoor tent to house additional customers outside of ​the patio

​”We have very little negative feedback from our customers,” Ebel said. “Sometimes these issues tend to get political, but our main concern throughout this pandemic has been the safety of our staff and our customers, and I think most people appreciate that.​”

​Ebel said the success of its online store — across its beer, spirits, and coffee businesses — has been eye-opening.

“I think going forward, we will continue to put an emphasis on online purchasing and look for ways to improve in that area,” Ebel said.

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