Switchback Announces Plans for New Tap House & Beer Garden Expanding Offerings & Capacity

Switchback Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce plans for a new Tap House & Beer Garden, set to open in summer 2024. The 3,700 square-foot establishment will be located in a 120-year-old historic brick building attached to their current production facility at 160 Flynn Avenue.

The new space will boast ample bar and table seating complemented by an outdoor patio, providing an inviting and spacious environment for guests to enjoy Switchback’s iconic brews and food. A bar with 20 taps will highlight the brewery’s diverse offerings including fan favorites, smoked beers and releases from their new side project, Askew Beer Co.

Cocktails will also be available featuring their Essential Spirits line, a collaboration with Appalachian Gap Distillery which emerged as a creative solution to repurpose surplus beer resulting from the pandemic shutdown. Made by distilling Switchback Ale at Appalachian Gap Distillery, the project has grown to include Essential Vermont Malt Whiskey and Essential Vermont Hopped Gin – both to be menu mainstays at the new Tap House & Beer Garden.

In addition to the impressive beverage options, the new venue will offer a full kitchen, showcasing an expanded food menu, as well as event space on the adjoining lawn.

“We’re excited to build upon the vibrant Switchback experience our visitors know and love,” says Amy Lieblein, the brewery’s Communications Lead & Event Manager. “Between our creative drink and food offerings, knowledgeable staff, and our expansive lawn for hosting events, we’re looking forward to being a go-to community hub in the South End.”

Switchback has teamed up with ReArch Company, Wiemann Lamphere Architects and Engineering Ventures to design and build the new Tap House & Beer Garden, which provides more than double the space of their current Tap Room.

“Partnering with Switchback to unveil their new Tap House and enhance their craft in the South End has been an absolute thrill,” stated ReArch CEO, John Illick. “This is the fifth project we have partnered on, and ReArch is delighted to continue our relationship.”

Switchback Brewing Company has been a staple in Vermont since 2002, known for their dedication to quality craft beer and commitment to sustainability and the community. The company looks forward to welcoming guests to their new Tap House & Beer Garden, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy great beer, food and events.

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