Survey Says! Why A Marketing Survey Can Help Your Brand

Creating a short survey can do wonders for your brewery and help direct some possible places your brand should look to in the future.

These questions should provide valuable insights into a consumer’s preferences, behaviors, and motivations while helping you tailor your marketing strategies to effectively target and engage with your audience.

TALEA Beer has deployed two types of surveys: post-service via their Point of Sale and a customer behavior survey said co-founder Tara Hankinson.

“We use surveys as a way to gauge product market fit and preferences for communications (social, email),” she told Brewer.

Funk Brewing has used them to gauge customers’ tastes and buying habits, added CEO and co-founder Jon Norman.

“It’s hard to determine the validity of the data so you just have to take the info in as partial truth but still know that it can’t be 100% accurate,” he added.

Creating an email, adding a link to socials along with putting a QR code on posters are good ways to get the info out to consumers who know you, Norman said. But looking for additional feedback from non-fans is just as important to see how you gauge outside your bubble. Hankinson said even digging into reviews on Google or Yelp can be helpful.

“These reviews are a reflection of our experience, quality of service, and value proposition,” she said, “not just of the beer (like Untappd, for example).”

When conducting such an online survey, here are some good questions to consider to add:

  • How frequently do you consume craft beer?
  • What factors influence your decision to try a new craft beer brand or product?
  • Which types or styles of craft beer do you prefer? (e.g., IPA, stout, wheat beer, sour)
  • How important is the quality and uniqueness of ingredients in craft beer to you?
  • How likely are you to purchase craft beer from a local brewery?
  • What online platforms or sources do you rely on for information about craft beer?
  • How do you typically discover new craft beer brands or products?
  • Are there specific flavor profiles or characteristics that you look for in craft beer?
  • What price range are you willing to pay for a high-quality craft beer?
  • Do you value sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the craft beer industry?
  • How important is the branding and packaging of craft beer when making purchasing decisions?
  • What motivates you to engage with craft beer-related content or events on social media?
  • Have you ever participated in beer tastings, brewery tours, or beer festivals?
  • Are you more likely to try a craft beer that has won awards or has positive reviews?

Photo courtesy Funk Brewing

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