Summit Brewing To Release Seven New Offerings in 2017

In addition to creating seven new occasional offerings for 2017 and fresh entries for the Unchained Series and the Union Series, Summit Brewing has also designed four new variety packs around similar styles, flavors and sensations. Perhaps most exciting, though, is that they’re bringing back some of past favorite flavors: Summit Double IPA and Summit Keller Pils.

Summit Brewing Company’s Founder and President Mark Stutrud — or our Chief Knucklehead, if you ask him — is excited heading into the brewery’s 31st year.

“When it comes to the quality of our beers and the talent we have on our team — from administrative and production to marketing and sales — I’d put Summit up against anyone,” he said. “We’ve got our plans in order for 2017, and now it’s time to execute and have some fun.”

A list of upcoming beers with descriptions from Summit:

Summit Double IPA
We’re so eager to pour you another pint of Summit Double IPA — a citrusy, hop-forward beer that last year scored 90 among users of Beer Advocate — that we’re capping kegs and wrapping up 4-packs of 16-oz. cans during the last week of December. That’s THIS year. Blending hops from New Zealand, Germany and the U.S., Summit Double IPA produces a clean yet assertive citrus bitterness that’s supported by the honey and graham-cracker elements of Wevermann Barke Vienna malts.

Summit IPA Collection and India-Style Black Ale
Our first new variety pack for 2017 is the Summit IPA Collection, landing in early January and offering up A World of Hops All in One Box. Containing 12-oz. bottles packaged by the dozen, the IPA Collection features Sága IPA, Horizon Red IPA, True Brit IPA, and our brand-new Summit India-Style Black Ale, a powerful black ale available only inside this variety pack and on draught.
Featuring roasted malts and spicy, citrus-forward hops, India-Style Black Ale resembles in concept many porters and stouts exported from the UK during the 19th century. With notes of espresso, dark chocolate and black cherries, plus traces of pineapple, lemon-lime and pepper from Denali and Equinox hops, the IBA will also be available on draught.

Summit Boundary Waters Box, Keller Pils, Hefeweizen and Wit Bier
Following in April, we have the Summit Boundary Waters Box, our second new variety pack for 2017. Coming just in time to refresh the parched paddlers and cyclists cutting across Minnesota’s warming lakes and trails, this 12-pack of 12-oz. cans will fill boathouse fridges and backpack coolers with Summer Ale, a fresh batch of Keller Pils — which Paste Magazine named the number-two pilsner in the world in 2016 — and introduce two box-exclusive occasionals perfect for grilling season: Summit Hefeweizen and Summit Wit Bier. The new styles will also be available on draught. The Hefeweizen, a classical German wheat beer, presents aromas of bananas and cloves, a creamy mouthfeel and a refreshing finish. Pils and wheat malts provide a toasted base reminiscent of breadcrumbs to complement a gentle helping of traditional German hops. The Wit Bier, on the other hand, is a traditional Belgian white beer brewed with a complex blend of malts, hops and spices. Floral aromas pair with fresh-ground coriander, oranges and lemon zest to create a light body and a slightly tart, dry finish.

Summit Harvest Collection
Arriving in July is the Summit Harvest Collection. Headlined by Summit Oktoberfest, a longtime seasonal favorite, this 12-pack of 12-oz. bottles also features our flagship Extra Pale Ale and two more year-round offerings — Great Northern Porter and Pilsener.

Summit Penalty Box and Doppel Alt
The Penalty Box, Summit’s final variety pack for 2017, drops in October along with the hockey season’s first puck. Featuring our Winter Ale, Extra Pale Ale and Horizon Red IPA, this 12-pack of 12-oz. bottles introduces our brand-new, box-exclusive Summit Doppel Alt, too. The new brew will also be available on draught.
A copper-colored and warm-fermented German-style ale, Doppel Alt jabs at the nose with notes of caramel, toffee and stone fruit, and a complex malt grist produces flavors of toast, caramel and biscuit. Boasting a spicy hop flavor and assertive bitterness, Doppel Alt finishes crisp and clean.

Summit Belgian-Style Pale Ale
Summit Belgian-style Pale Ale, which will be available on draught and in 6-packs and 12-packs of 12-oz. cans, arrives in September. A sunset orange-colored thirst-quencher, this Pale Ale showcases European hop varieties and a Belgian yeast strain, all layered over an elegant and complex blend of British, German and Belgian malts.

Summit Unchained Series
We’ve also planned three new entries for the limited-release Unchained Series, a collection that has allowed, since its inception in 2009, each of Summit’s brewers to showcase their individual creativity. All 2017 entries will be available on draught and in 6-packs of 12-oz. cans. Arriving in March is Unchained 24: Spring Saison, a traditional Belgian-style saison brewed by James Birnie. It features peppery flavors and a hint of tartness. Next up in July is Unchained 25: Vienna-Style Lager, an offering from Brewer Tom Mondor. Featuring notes of toast, biscuit and caramel along with spicy and herbal flavors from Hallertau Mittlefruh and Perle hops, a cold fermentation promises a crisp and clean lager finish. Lastly, October brings Unchained 26: Westie 7th, a Belgian Dark Ale from Brewer Nick Hempfer. Made with Belgian candi syrup, it features decadent flavors of caramel, toffee, fig, raisins and molasses. “Westie 7th” is a tribute to the neighborhood where Summit Brewing Company resides.

Summit Union Series
Looking way forward to December 2017, we’ve planned our next installment in the limited-release Union Series, a collection of beers that since 2013 has combined new and innovative ingredients with time-honored brewing traditions. Union Series: Imperial Russian-Style Stout promises to advance that union in 4-packs of 12-oz. bottles. Brewed to an authentic 19th-century recipe containing a heritage barley malt, this assertive, coal-black export stout offers aromas of dark chocolate, dark fruit and licorice.

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