Suds for Cinco de Mayo: Schlafly Beer Releases Paloma Gose

Schlafly Beer announces the upcoming release of the latest beer in the Cellar Selections line: Paloma Gose. The largest locally owned brewery in St. Louis redesigned the 750-ml bottle series this year to showcase the research and development inside each of the inventive beers with a handwritten look and feel and a descriptive neck tag. The Paloma Gose will be available across Schlafly’s distribution in limited quantities, beginning Monday, April 30.

A traditional Paloma is a tequila-based drink with grapefruit and lime. Schlafly Beer takes the flavors of the beloved Mexican cocktail and features them in the German-style beer. Founding Brewer Stephen Hale explains, “The salty, coriander-tinted and perfectly sour character of the gose provides the ideal framework for the addition of Paloma-inspired flavors of grapefruit and lime. You don’t even need the salted rim.”

At 4.5% ABV, the Paloma Gose offers a refreshingly tart alternative to the average Cinco de Mayo margarita and a crushable beer to seek out for summer. “With low alcohol and hop profiles, it’s a cocktail disguised as a wonderfully balanced beer,” Hale further explains.

Paloma Gose is the third beer in Schlafly’s 2018 Cellar Selections, following Raspberry Chipotle Brown Ale and Kentucky Mule Ale. This year’s selections take a bolder directive with a creative collection of beers utilizing unconventional ingredients, many inspired by cocktails. Schlafly’s Kentucky Mule Ale was even recently named one of VinePair’s Best Cocktail-Inspired Beers here. Schlafly’s Paloma Gose will be available at the brewpubs as well as limited markets across Schlafly’s distribution.

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