Mother Earth Brewing Co. Releases Latest Iteration of ‘Primordial’ IIPA

Mother Earth is shaking things up with an updated version of their tenured brand, Primordial Imperial IPA. Primordial returns every August for its loyal fans, and it also is a vehicle to introduce recent converts to one of Mother Earth’s original, and most popular IPAs, a concept the brewery has embraced with other beers in its specialty program such as Big Mother in the spring.

Kamron Khannakhjavani, Director of Marketing for the company explains the rational for the change:

“Craft beer drinkers’ often express variety in their tastes through their purchasing decisions, so going into a release we are always looking at what is popular or inspiring and then making adjustments to existing recipes accordingly. Availability of certain hops is also a consideration andoften the main driver for a recipe change in a style like this.”

Chris Baker, Director of Brewing Operations, expands:

This year we added some additional citrusy hop varietals in addition to even more wheat and oats to drive up the body and head retention without adding more malt character. We also split the hot and cold side hop schedule up to really isolate the most desirable qualities of each new hop. Reinventing a brand like primordial is more than just changing the color or just throwing in a different hop varietal. There is a lot that goes into it.”

The updated Primordial will be distributed throughout the United States via Mother Earth’s network of distribution partners both on draft and in 16oz/4-pack cans beginning this week. Customers can use the nifty beer finder tool to locate Primordial near them at

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