Strategies in Highlighting Your Beer/Food Pairings

Taste and flavor have dependably been basic highlights in food. Like never before, these parts are being surveyed against beer as well. The advancement of abilities to dissect the inconspicuous subtleties of various beers and mixed with culinary creations is certain to be a continuous pattern and breweries are finding ways to capture a market in that threshold.

At Tankard & Tun, Pike Brewing’s oyster bar and seafood-focused restaurant, the menu features both a “complement” and a “contrast” of beer suggestions said Stasia Brewczynski.

“It helps begin the conversation around how beer pairing works and that there is not one single right answer or approach,” said the brewery’s Director of Communication. “In addition, all our staff are all Cicerone certified beer servers—a training which includes an understanding of beer and food pairing.”

Pike both starts with a beer to find a pairing while also looking at a food item and teaming it with a brew.

“Our chefs have fun using beer or beer ingredients in their recipes — we’ve got pickled hop shoots on salad and spent grain in our fresh baked pretzels, for example — and we’ve even launched a line of sauces with our beer in them,” Brewczynski said. “Other times, we’ve got an amazing dish and have the wonderful job of taste-testing it alongside our beers to find the right match.”

At Pike, the art of the table has always been a core aspect of its approach, she said.

“This means we craft beers that are made to be enjoyed alongside food, and serve well-made food worthy of craft beer,” Brewczynski said. “Listing a pairing on a menu is one way to engage guests about the relationship of beer to food, but it’s far from the only method.

“We love offering experiences that show instead of just tell the technique of pairing.”

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