StormBreaker Announces Return of Ryelynn Pearl

StormBreaker Brewing, the award-winning Portland, OR brewpub, is celebrating the return of a beer that is very near and dear to their hearts. 

Ryelynn Pearl is a 5.1% ABV Rye Pilsner with Triple Pearl hops. The hops provide strong aromas of citrus and melon, as well as flavors of orange, lime, and spice. The beer is named for Ryelynn Pearl, one of the two daughters of Rob Lutz, StormBreaker Brewing’s brewmaster and co-owner, and will be released on Friday, May 10, in honor of her birthday. This is the third annual release of the beer. 

“When I think about all of the different beers we make – from recent entries like Crush Groove, our collab with Clinch Golf, to some of our fun out of the box beers like Ghostbreakers or Son of Jango, I’m always humbled by the excitement our team and customers express for Ryelynn Pearl,” said Lutz. “It’s one of those beers that reminds everyone how craft beer started and, in many ways, still thrives – as a personal expression.” 

Lutz is known as both a very hard worker and a self-proclaimed lover of good times. But above all else, he is a dedicated family man and wanted to find a way to showcase that love via the work he does day in and day out. Ryelynn Pearl is an homage to the spirit of craft beer and to the hard-working people who put it in the hands of customers, family, and friends.

In addition to having a meaningful story, Ryelynn Pearl is the 2023 recipient of a coveted Gold Medal from the North American Beer Awards in the rye beer category. It will be available starting this weekend at both StormBreaker locations, and wherever StormBreaker beers are distributed. 

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