Crooked Hammock Releasing Carolina-Inspired Cackalackin’ Beer Later This Month

Crooked Hammock Brewery will soon release a new beer inspired by the Carolina coast that highlights the indigenous peach flavors found throughout the south and especially in South Carolina. In keeping with the celebration of the area contained in the flavors of this beer, the brewery partnered with local artist Cathy Collins to create accompanying artwork that expresses the beauty and spirit of exploring the Myrtle Beach area.
Cackalackin’, an easy-drinking American Peach Wheat, embodies the “Hammock State Of Mind” feelings of escapism and adventure with an initial explosion of peach giving way to a sweet, pillowy finish. Cackalackin’ will be released on Saturday, May 29, at 11 a.m. at the North Myrtle Beach Crooked Hammock location. The beer will be available on draft and in 16oz to-go 4packs throughout the summer.
“In planning for our North Myrtle Beach summer seasonal, we decided that we wanted to highlight the indigenous peach flavors found in the south while collaborating with a local artist who could help us artistically portray “Cackalackin,” simply defined as a verb for getting out there and enjoying the beauty of the Grand Strand, on the can,” said Tom Little, Crooked Hammock Beer Brand Manager. “After meeting with Cathy and learning about the depth of her roots along the Carolina coast, she was the clear and obvious choice.”
Cathy Collins worked with Crooked Hammock to create a design that embodies the spirit of the Grand Strand with inspiration from the colors and landscapes tucked away in the corners of the area. She has lived in the Myrtle Beach area for around 40 years and has more than 20 years of experience as a mural artist and painter, with residential and commercial projects throughout the southeast.
Cathy grew up on the area’s rivers, creeks and marshes, exploring by foot and by boat while clamming and catching fish and oysters. Her idea for the Cackalackin’-inspired artwork came from time spent on the area’s waterways enjoying the vivid combination of colors in the sunrises and sunsets. The peach colors scattered throughout the sky and reflecting off of the blue water in her piece both capture the blush of those sunrises and sunsets as well as nod to the beer’s peach flavors.
Cathy’s Cackalackin’ artwork will not only be featured on the beer can, but is also displayed in a mural in the bathroom hallway at the North Myrtle Beach location.

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