Stone Brewing Fundraiser Results in $72,000 Donation to the Fire-Impacted Communities of Northern California

Stone Brewing’s distributing division, Stone Distributing Co., donated $72,000 of its sales in the month of October to benefit those affected by the devastation of the recent Northern California fires. The donation was generated from a percentage of Stone beer sales and the sales of 17 of its supplier partners, most notably Bear Republic and Russian River of Sonoma County.

Funds were sent to Direct Relief, providing emergency assistance to California’s Office of Emergency Services, the Napa County Public Health Department and more than 40 health centers and clinics in the affected region.

“We’re relieved to know that our fledgling team at our soon to open Stone Brewing Napa location, and our friends at Russian River and Bear Republic are safe. Employees, colleagues, friends, family and neighbors of everyone in that region, however, have been dramatically affected,” said Dominic Engels, Stone Brewing CEO. “Rallying our supplier brand partners proved to be enormously impactful, and I’m humbled by the enthusiastic response and outpouring of support that we received surrounding this effort.”

With a tragedy of such huge proportion, Stone was compelled to take immediate action. Proceeds were promised from the sale of Stone Brewing, Russian River and Bear Republic beers throughout the month of October. What’s more, in an act of amazing solidarity that is characteristic of the independent craft brewing community,nearly 20 other brands distributed by Stone Distributing Co. also committed to donating a portion of each case for the entire month.

In addition to the $72,000 donated to victims of California’s wildfires, Stone supported the victims of Hurricanes Maria and Harvey via a portion of sales from every pint or growler fill of Stone IPA and Stone Delicious IPA at the company’s locations. The company also donates a portion of proceeds of all brewery tours to a different local organization each quarter. In Sum, Stone donated $86,345 to charity last quarter, an effort made possible by its generous partners and charitable fans.

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