Stem Ciders Debuts Tangerine Whip as Newest Seasonal Release

Transporting you back to your favorite childhood memories, Stem Ciders’ newest seasonal cider
release, Tangerine Whip, was inspired by the nostalgic flavor profiles of iconic confections like
orange creamsicles and push pops.

Featuring over 2,400 lbs of tangerine puree per batch, Tangerine Whip showcases a bright burst
of citrus flavors, while also balancing the summertime classic’s mouthwatering sweet, creamy
mouthfeel. In order to accomplish this without having to introduce lactose, Patrick Combs,
Director of Liquids for Stem Ciders employed the use of organic tapioca maltodextrin.

“We wanted to be inclusive to cider drinkers everywhere, and because lactose is one of the
most common allergens in the world, it was important for us to find an alternative that could help
translate those recognizable flavors,” said Combs.

Reminiscent of that delicious wave that envelops you after walking into a neighborhood ice
cream shop, Tangerine Whip boasts a beautiful bouquet of vanilla ice cream aroma through the
use of high-quality double-strength vanilla extract, which also helps to create a smooth rounded

“We’ve had tremendous fun in recent years replicating complex flavor profiles found in more
mature spirits and cocktail drinks, but Tangerine Whip showcases that we can be playful in
bringing back memories from our youth as well,” said Combs.

Tangerine Whip is now available on draft and in four-pack 12oz cans to-go at all Stem Ciders
locations and at local retail stores throughout the national Stem Ciders distribution footprint.


Stem Ciders is a top 25 cidery in the US and the largest cidery in Colorado. Based in Lafayette,
CO, Stem Ciders distributes dry-focused craft ciders to 20 US states, ships directly to
consumers across 38 states, and exports to Canada and Japan

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