Seattle Cider Company and City Fruit Partner to Release Cider Celebrating Urban Apple Harvest

Seattle Cider Company and City Fruit are excited to announce the release their annual collaboration, City Fruit Cider, in time to celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2023. This one-of-a-kind cider was created by Seattle Cider Company in partnership with City Fruit, a local nonprofit dedicated to stewarding and harvesting from urban fruit trees. With only 25 cases produced, the limited City Fruit cider will be available for at The Woods Tasting Room in SODO, or online shipping to 39 states via while supplies last.

With food insecurity remaining at high levels, inflating food prices, and unpredictable fruit harvests, City Fruit’s community focused work is more important than ever. “This cider provides an important opportunity for Seattle Cider to give back to our community. We aim to continue to support City Fruit’s efforts both by raising awareness for their programs and raising funds through the sale of City Fruit Cider,” said Maura Hardman, Marketing Manager for Seattle Cider Company. “We’re proud to continuing partnering with City Fruit.”

The partnership between Seattle Cider and City Fruit began in 2014 when 32 percent of Seattle’s urban fruit crop was composted after harvest. In 2015, thanks to the partnership with Seattle Cider Company, that number was reduced to just eight percent. During harvest, as fruit was collected and sorted, apples unable to be used by food banks were dropped off at Seattle Cider Company and pressed. The result is a delightfully tart and tannic cider offering 7 percent ABV and made from more than 40 apple varieties.

If you are looking for additional way to make sure City Fruit can best meet the needs of their food bank and meal programs partners, more tree owners are needed to sign-up to share any abundance of fruit. If readers are interested in sharing their fruit with their neighbors, they can sign up their fruit tree at or email

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