How Shacksbury is Helping Consumers Celebrate the Start of 2022

Mountain Tonic is arriving just in time for the holiday season and dry January as a non-alcoholic sparkling aperitif​, made by Vermont’s ​Shacksbury Cider.

Providing an equilibrium to a season of excess, Mountain Tonic is made with local ingredients, from savouré soda, and is a great Dry January nightcap. With an air of alpine spruce and stewed fruit, this may be just what someone never knew they needed. Now available on with three 750mL bottles priced at $55.

From the cidery:

When we decided to make a non-alcoholic sparkling aperitif and didn’t take the challenge lightly. Mountain Tonic is heavy on the Vermont forest vibes. We started with a local cider base and added black currants, gentian, marjoram, cinnamon leaf, galangal, juniper berries, stinging nettle and a little local honey to balance out the all of the herbal, rooty goodness.​ ​Mountain Tonic is the perfect cocktail topper or sub for spritz this January – or really anytime.

Ingredients: Apple cider, honey, black currant, gentian, galangal, marjoram, juniper berry, stinging nettle and cinn leaf.

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