Start-Up Advice for Navigating Challenges & Ensuring Business Viability

Craft beer brewing equipment in privat brewery.

In the ever-expanding industry of craft brewing, aspiring entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges in establishing a successful brewery. From navigating the complexities of licensing to perfecting the art of brewing distinctive beers, the journey demands a blend of passion, expertise, and a keen understanding of industry dynamics. 

Recognizing the crucial role of collaboration and shared knowledge, emerging brewery owners find themselves in a unique position where the collective wisdom of experienced peers becomes an invaluable asset. In the pursuit of crafting not just exceptional beers, but a thriving and sustainable business, the ability to glean insights from fellow brewery owners proves to be an indispensable resource, paving the way for innovation, growth, and community-building within the craft brewing landscape.

When Sean Lawson started out as a small brewery owner in Vermont he said he received a number of inquiries from aspiring brewers, who were thinking about starting a brewery.

“The advice I gave them, then, was to put a great emphasis on attention to detail at all levels from cleanliness to beer making, to running your business,” said the founding brewer of Lawson’s Finest Liquids. “Today, I would recommend that the owners of start-up breweries ensure that they clearly understand the fundamentals of running a business, especially their profit and loss and balance sheet statements. 

“In addition, given today’s challenging environment for craft brewers, make sure you’ve carefully evaluated the opportunity that you’re seeking to pursue in your marketplace – where, how, and in what format are you seeking to sell your beer? It’s tougher than ever to get a new product on the shelf.”

As a veteran brewer, Joseph David of Descendants Brewing often encourage new breweries to listen to their guests. 

“As a brewer I know which beers I love to brew but it’s always important to consider some outside ideas,” he told Brewer recently. “After visiting countless breweries, I encourage new brewers to consider several ideas to help make their business more viable. 

“Obviously great beer is the key, but a great space and atmosphere go a long way. And having great team members who are passionate about beer is so important and unfortunately overlooked more than you might expect.”

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