Stable Craft to Launch Zero Food Waste Initiative

Central Virginia’s Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill, an authentic working farm brewery and winery, will become the first brewery on the East Coast to launch a zero food waste initiative for its award-winning brewery, restaurant and wedding and banquet facility. 

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22 with representatives and proclamations from U.S. Senator Mark Warner and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam along with other state and local dignitaries.

The brewery is transforming its entire restaurant, wedding and banquet operation to zero food waste through an innovative onsite bokashi composting program. Bokashi, originating from Asian cultures, uses fermentation to break down all food scraps — including meat, dairy and oils, in less than half the time of conventional composting while avoiding unpleasant odors and deterring pests.

The end product is a natural liquid fertilizer that greatly increases the population of beneficial microbes that add valuable nutrients to the compost and helps improve the health of soil and plants. The brewery will utilize the bokashi, compost, and compost tea on their organic herb garden that Executive Chef Stephan Klein will incorporate into Stable Craft’s agri-pub and special event catering menus.

Stable Craft Brewing owner Craig Nargi estimates Stable Craft Brewing’s voluntary adoption of the Zero Food Waste initiative would divert more than five and a half tons of food waste from landfills to their organic herb garden.

According to Stable Craft Brewing owner Craig Nargi, “We’re excited to be able to add the Zero Food Waste initiative to our commitment to sustainable practices at Stable Craft Brewing.  We grow our own hops, utilize the brewing wastewater to water our hops and co-op with a local farmer to use the spent grain for food for the cattle.  We’ve planted 1,100 trees on the farm to help with erosion and air quality. We have our own chickens for eggs and grow our own herbs.  For watering landscaping, we capture rainwater from our roof system funneling it back into a holding pond,” Nargi added.

Stable Craft Brewing’s rural location offers acres of open farmland with multiple covered and uncovered outdoor locations to keep guests physically distant while enjoying craft beer, cider, wine and food.  Several other safety measures have been implemented to provide guests with a safe and fun experience while complying with Virginia’s Governor Northam’s guidelines. 

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