Sprecher Returns to Walker’s Point area of Milwaukee

In 1985, Randy Sprecher opened Milwaukee’s first brewery since Prohibition at 730 W. Oregon St., in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. In 1992 Sprecher Brewery received a vacate notice. Soon after the canal wall and then the parking lot fell into the Menomonee River Channel. In 1993, Sprecher moved his brewery to Glendale, a suburb just outside the city limits. Since that time Sprecher has been a production brewery, a tourist destination and event space. Twenty-five years later, the brewery has the rare chance to return to its old stomping grounds in Walker’s Point. “Why not? I’m looking forward to it,” said founder Randy Sprecher.

A space two blocks away from the original brewery – 706 S. 5th St., the space previously occupied by Brenner Brewery – became available and Sprecher seized the opportunity to open an off-site taproom, which it is calling “Sprecher Milwaukee.” The space has twenty-four working tap lines, furniture and brewing equipment left by its former occupant. “There’s so much interest from every direction, we’re feeling really welcome. And we’re working round the clock to get this place ready by our planned February 17th opening,” said Sprecher president Jeff Hamilton. “We weren’t actively looking to open a taproom, but when something this good happens it’s foolish to say no. Walker’s Point has become a hub for Milwaukee craft beer and the craft beer community. This space allows us to present a different experience than we offer in Glendale.”

When asked about plans for the taproom Hamilton replied, “It happened so quickly we are still putting things in place. We’re going to have some memorabilia from the original Sprecher Brewery in Walker’s Point. We’ll have 20+ beers and a couple of our sodas on tap. Folks from all different areas of the brewery (brewhouse, lab, production, sales) will beertend.

“Most people have never had access to the incredible range of beers we produce so we’re going to make it easy and fun by offering several unique flights, and a lot of other options you won’t find anywhere else. We plan to serve individual beers in the appropriate glassware. And yes, there will be beer related activities. In a nutshell, this taproom is a celebration of Milwaukee’s historic and contemporary craft beer culture.”

Sprecher Milwaukee at 706 S. 5th St in Walker’s Point opens February 17th. Soft openings and other public events will take place at the taproom prior to the official opening.

Sprecher Brewery has no plans to move from its Glendale production facility and gift shop located at 701 W. Glendale Avenue. The Glendale location – which includes the brewhouse, bottling line, taproom, Rathskellar and gift shop – remains open to the public for brewery tours, events, shopping, and drinks in the indoor beer garden taproom.

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