Sprecher Debuts New Belgian Progression Pack

With the introduction of the Belgian Progression Pack, Sprecher Brewery presents a set of four Belgian ales all of which you can drink now, three of which can be aged to yield further delectable changes in their flavor profiles.  The Belgian Progression Pack consists of four classic Belgian-style ales that range from an easy drinking low alcohol session ale (the Enkel) to a snifter worthy night cap (the Quad).

The lightest beer the Enkel, is medium bodied, delicately balanced with fruity esters, subtle spicy notes and a dry finish  (5.3% abv).  Brewed with imported malts and Belgian candi sugar, the Dubbel is replete with big, Belgian fruit flavors (raisins, plum), a smooth cereal character and lovely mouthfeel (6.5% abv). The Tripel is a delicious yet strong Belgian-style ale characterized by fruity esters, flavors of banana, apples, light grain and herbal notes. The Quad features a massive mouthful of malt goodness balanced by warming alcohol with a whisper of bitterness and playful spice; perfect for cooler weather or late evenings. Predominant flavors include caramelized sugar, toffee, dried fruits (fig, cherry, raisin, plum), molasses, light spice (clove, pepper, nutmeg) and a slight hint of citrus (10.5% abv).

Of the Belgian Progression Pack Sprecher brewmaster Craig Burge said, “These four beers represent a nice range of Belgian-style beers offering wide array of classic aromas, flavors and mouthfeel for the novice and the seasoned craft beer lover. For maximum enjoyment I strongly recommend drinking the beers in the intended order.”

All the beers are ready to drink. The Enkel should be enjoyed while young. The Dubbel, Tripel and Quad can be aged for six months or more. Those patient enough to cellar these beers will experience intriguing flavor profile changes over time. To encourage aging without the effects of oxidation, all who purchase two (2) Belgian Progression Packs at the Sprecher Gift Shop will receive a complimentary wax dip kit for three beers, enabling them to enjoy five immediately and lay down three for a special occasion in the future.

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