Sprecher Brewery Updates Its Year Round Beer Labels

In early 2016 customers received a clue that the familiar look of Sprecher Brewery’s beer labels was about to transform. For its award-winning winter seasonal, the familiar shiny label bearing a coat of arms and the name Winter Brew had been replaced by a fun depiction of old man winter and the words Winter Lager. Gone were the traditional imagery and fanciful description. In their place, more contemporary art reflecting the season, the style and — if you look closely – a visual reference to the company’s founder, Randy Sprecher. What remained was the award-winning beer inside the bottle.

Based on the positive response to the new packaging, the Sprecher design team worked on reimagining the art of all its core beers, creating a reflective, fresh and easily recognizable look. In March 2017, Sprecher Brewery will introduce the last of its redesigns — the year round beers including: Black Bavarian, Special Amber, Abbey Triple, IPA2 and Hefe Weiss. All the new images share humor, a reference to the particular beer style, and yes, a character resembling Randy Sprecher.

“We feel the new designs better represent our beers and our company,” said Sprecher president Jeff Hamilton. “Because of the Germanic look of our old packaging, too often people unfamiliar with the brand mistakenly assume Sprecher is a German brewery, or a brewery that has been around for generations. We wanted people to get Sprecher, to know at first glance that while we make superior versions of traditional European styles and we have fun doing it, our company is neither old world nor old school.”

Sprecher’s new packaging is expected to arrive on store shelves in mid-March.

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