Societe Expands Distribution to Northern California

Societe Brewing has announced its expansion to Northern California, diversifying its availability in all of California’s key markets through Saccani Distribution (Sacramento), Delta Pacific(Monterey, Fresno, and East Bay), and Morris Distributing (San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake & Mendocino), adding to its current distribution footprint with Stone Distribution covering Southern California and Alford Distributing(Imperial County). 

Founded on the idea that beer is the world’s greatest social uniter, the independently owned San Diego-based brewery offers a wide selection of beer that is both world-class in its craft yet approachable giving it the reputation of being, ‘the brewer’s beer.’

Consistently respected and enjoyed by any and all “beer folk” Societe Brewing is excited to be expanding its reach to the Northernmost point of California, making up 20% of their total volume of beer produced. 

“Since we started the brewery back in 2012, growth beyond our hometown of San Diego has been a dream. Outside of running a couple kegs to the Bay and Sacramento over the years, we haven’t had a significant presence in NorCal until now. With these new partners, we’re looking forward to introducing Societe to a new demographics of beer lovers and serving our loyal fans across the state,” said Douglas Constantiner, founder and CEO of Societe. 

Brewed to entice all taste buds, Societe’s core year-round lineup and limited-release specialty IPA’s will be available via retailers including Trader Joe’s, BEVMO, Whole Foods, and more.

Uniquely designed for and inspired by a person who enjoys life with a beer in hand, the core lineup includes Societe’s flagship, The Pupil, a 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale with bright notes of guava and mango and a clean finish, making it a crowd favorite since day one, The Coachman, a 4.9% ABV Session IPA with intense peach and citrus hop aromas and two-time G.A.B.F. gold medal-winning definitive Session IPA, and the Light Beer, a 4.5% ABV lager inspired by warm leisurely days fueled with the lawnmower beers of yesteryear, The Harlot, a 5.7% ABV Blonde Ale made with a Pilsner base and Belgian yeast the makes for crisp and easy-drinking and the newest addition to the core lineup, Bulbous Flowers, a 7% ABV Hazy IPA, still distinctive of Societe’s style, it has mild bitterness, with a slight sweetness and heavy tropical/pineapple flavors resulting in a mildly carbonated beer with a medium body that still finishes dry and clean. 

Founded by beer-obsessed Doug Constantiner, with a vision of uniting people over beer, Societe Brewing was created in 2012. Just before the pandemic shut down in March 2020, Societe started canning its beer, going from a highly on-site focused distribution to an ever-expanding retail distribution and rapid growth during the pandemic.

The company tripled production, setting Societe up for further expansion into Los Angeles and now Northern California.Seeing the brewery as a vehicle for bringing people together from all walks of life, beer by beer, Societe has worked hard over the last ten years to build a community-led by its rally cry, “Beer Folk Unite!” 

Availability: Societe’s core lineup will be available in 12 oz. six-packs, in bars and restaurants, Whole Foods, Total Wine, BEVMO, and more. Locate the nearest distributor to you HERE

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