With Sleeping Giant, Boulder Beer’s Brand Lives On

After Boulder Beer recently announced the closing of its brewpub doors, fans should be happy to hear that at least the brand will live on in retail stores.

A December 2 press release announced Boulder Beer’s new partnership with Sleeping Giant, in which Sleeping Giant would take over manufacturing, distribution, and marketing for the 40-year-old Colorado company.

This came after an October announcement that saw Boulder Beer focusing on its brewpub model and discontinuing distribution.

More recently on January 6, a Facebook post and newsletter announced that the brewery will be selling its 19,000 square foot facility.

“We’re thrilled to see our brands live on at the retail level and continue the Boulder Beer legacy in the market,” said Boulder Beer’s Tess McFadden. “The Boulder Beer Brewpub on Wilderness Place and Sleeping Giant Brewing will have a symbiotic relationship benefiting both organizations.”

Sleeping Giant, a contract facility based out of Denver, will be taking over the brewing of Boulder’s beers and putting them on shelves, so that the beer will live on on shelves.

Sleeping Giant’s Matthew Osterman said, “One of the elements of Sleeping Giant that I’m most proud of is our ability to flavor match recipes. It’s one of the things we are known for, that beers brewed at Sleeping Giant can taste exactly the same as at our client’s brewery.”

Osterman went on, complimentary of the Boulder Beer partnership, adding, “How we scale up/transfer the recipes is proprietary, but we have developed it over five years and have an unparalleled success rate for flavor match on the first brew. Boulder Beer has been very helpful with their collaborative effort on this front.”

The iconic Boulder Beer brand has a strong foundation that Osterman said makes Sleeping Giant proud to work with them. The contract brewery will brew and package Boulder Beer’s Shake, Mojo, Buffalo Gold, Hazed & Infused, Spaceman, and Due East.

Just like any client, Boulder Beer fits into our brewing family of clients and is a big addition to our mix,” he said.

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