Ska Releases Rue B. Soho, Bright & Crisp Grapefruit Lager

Ska Brewing is excited to announce the release of Rue B. Soho, a refreshing lager brewed with cascade hops and grapefruit (5.1% ABV). Rue B. Soho, Ska’s first new release of 2018, marks the only 2018 release for Ska that will be distributed throughout all of their markets.

“This beer has seen enormous success in our tasting room this past year,” said Kristen Muraro, director of sales and marketing at Ska. “It would be nothing short of selfish not to share it with the world, or at least our friends in the 10 other states we’re distributed in.”

With Rue B. Soho, Ska is building off the success of the brewery’s other popular lagers, including their award-winning Mexican Logger which shares the same yeast. Muraro said the uber-clean lager strain is the secret to showcasing the Ruby Red citrus and the classic grapefruit character of Cascade hops.

“At first your nose is treated to the aroma of bright and crisp citrus, followed by a tart and light taste of grapefruit juice and carbonation on your tongue,” said Muraro. “It’s lightly acidulated, and at only 20 IBU’s (International Bitterness Units), it is incredibly refreshing.”

Rue B. Soho will be available in 12 oz and 6-pack cans and will be available beginning Friday, January 26. A release party featuring the music of Buster’s Ghost will kick off the release at Ska’s Durango World Headquarters at 5:00 pm. Look for many other kickoff events happening widely throughout February across all of Ska’s markets of distribution.

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