Great Lakes Dank Demon Joins Imperial IPA Series

Great Lakes® Brewing Co. (GLBC) announces the release of new seasonal Dank Demon™ Imperial Dank IPA, beginning November 8 throughout the brewery’s distribution footprint in Imperial IPA Series 16 oz. Can 4-Packs and Draft.

Brewed with a blend of Apollo™, Eureka™, and Altus™ hops, Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA presents leafy layers of heady hop aromas and a sticky swamp of resinous, full-bodied flavor.

Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA is 2021’s final Imperial IPA Series release. In the can’s comic-inspired illustration, a glowing green demon formed from leafy hops rises from a swamp against a deep purple sky, introducing another expressive new character to this hoppy, limited release series.

GLBC’s Imperial IPA Series combines bold flavors, premium ingredients, and legendary lore. Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA joins 2021 new release Tidal Fury® Imperial Hazy IPA and returning fan favorites Chillwave® Imperial IPA, Lake Erie Monster® Imperial IPA, and Nosferatu® Imperial Red IPA.

Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA is available now at the GLBC gift shop, and begins releasing throughout GLBC’s distribution footprint on November 8.

About Dank Demon Imperial Dank IPA:

  • Flavor: Explore a sticky swamp of pungent, resinous hop flavors
  • ABV: 8.0%
  • IBU: 70
  • Packages: Imperial IPA Series 16 oz. Can 4-Packs, Draft
  • Release: November

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