Barrels of Fruit and Crushable Seasonal Beers Tapped at Left Hand

Left Hand Brewing Company is doubling down, no scratch that, they are tripling down on fruit additions for their summer brews. Sometimes you just have to drink your fruit and this lineup will let you do just that. Barrels and barrels of peaches, chokecherries, and blackcurrants rolled in to the brewery for a fresh round of seasonal beers that are sure to leave you wanting another sip.

“All of these beers are about capturing different elements of summer in highly drinkable beers,” shared Jeff Joslin, Left Hand brewhouse manager.

Blackcurrant Nitro – The second beer in Left Hand’s seasonal nitro series is Blackcurrant Nitro, “the ultimate crushable summer nitro beer, the ying to the Milk Stout Nitro yang,” said Joslin. This beer is a super smooth cream ale with a light body, tart berries, and a ruby color. Like Chai Milk Stout Nitro, Blackcurrant Nitro was first brewed for our annual Nitro Fest event this past November. It can be enjoyed right from the can for warm weather adventures on the go or watch the vibrant nitro cascade when poured into a glass.

4.7% ABV, 11 IBU Limited Release: MAY – JUL

Available on draft and 4-pack 13.65oz cans

Peach Beerllini Radler – 230 barrels of peach puree went in to this light and refreshing effervescent concoction of pale malts and peach nectar. Each can of Peach Beerllini Radler has approximately a half a peach worth of puree. Based on that, it’s not surprising that the aroma of this beer is all peaches, like millions of peaches. The taste is slightly sweet from the sugars in the peaches, but not cloying. Trust us, you’ll want more.
4.1% ABV, 8 IBU Seasonal Release: MAY – JUL
Available on draft and 6-pack 12oz cans

Saison aux Baies Amères – Each beer in Les Quatre Saisons series is brewed with native Colorado ingredients, each season featuring a unique addition that represents the time of year. Saison aux Baies Amères is the second in the series and features a mild tartness with bitter Colorado chokecherries. “This beer was the inspiration for the entire saison line,” said Joslin.

6.8% ABV, 10 IBU Seasonal Release: MAY – JUL

Available on draft and 4-pack 16oz cans

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