Lakewood Returns Raspberry Temptress to Lineup

After being benched for over 18 months, Lakewood Brewing has returned Raspberry Temptress to their much sought-after Seduction Series lineup.

Just as with all the Seduction Series brews, Raspberry Temptress starts with “The Stout Of Texas” Temptress as the base beer, and is then infused with a ridiculous amount of fresh raspberry puree.

“When we add the raspberry puree to the beer things can get a little messy in the brewery,” joked Wim Bens, president and founder of LBC. “This year’s batch took over 1,000 lbs. of fresh Oregon raspberry puree to get the flavor just right. The result is a big, decadent stout with a subtle fruit acidity and a chocolate covered raspberry aroma.”

So what prompted the return? “We like to keep our Seduction Series lineup ever-changing. Temptress is such a great beer to add layers of flavor to that we don’t want to release the same four versions every year. That means that some of our favorites will take a break from time to time in order for us to bring new ideas and exciting flavors to our fans. So for this year Coconut Temptress is taking a break and Raspberry, usually released for Valentine’s Day, comes back in for the summer.”

Raspberry Temptress can be found in 4-pack bottles at liquor stores and gourmet grocery stores, as well as on draft at craft-centric bars and restaurants. The beer releases today, and is available for a limited time.

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