Lakewood’s Tangerine Queen Now Available All Year Long

Lakewood Brewing has upgraded last year’s smash seasonal Tangerine Queen, an American Wheat beer with orange peel and tangerine, to year-round availability.
“Since citrus are winter fruits we decided to release Tangerine Queen at the peak harvest season,” said Wim Bens, President and Founder of Lakewood Brewing. “Tangerine Queen was a huge hit for us last year so we decided to make it a year-round offering. It’s just such an easy drinking beer with tangerine aroma up front, sweet citrus in the middle, and a soft finish. Perfect for any day of the year.”
A fresh batch will kick off in the brewery Taproom at 2302 Executive Drive in Garland TX, and will be available on shelves statewide next month. The curious and the die-hard can visit Lakewood’s Beer Finder to find it at a store or bar near them, or go online to order for a Taproom pickup.
Additionally, the news on the street is that Lakewood has another Queen in the works for this spring. More on that in the coming weeks!

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