Ska Launches Distribution In Wyoming

Ska Brewing and Western Distributing Company announced a new distribution partnership this week, with plans to kickoff sales in this new territory at events in Casper on Thursday and Friday. Residents and visitors in the Cowboy State can now find Ska beer on tap and in cans from Laramie to Casper to Jackson and beyond. 

After 27 years and now as one of Colorado’s five largest craft breweries, Ska is quite frankly flabbergasted that they haven’t poured proper beers for their neighbors in the north until now. 

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“Sharing the border with Wyoming, we travel there often for our outdoor pursuits— and it was starting to get weird not offering our beer there,” says Ska Brewing Co-Founder and CEO Dave Thibodeau. “After making the connection with Western Distributing a while back, this expansion of our reach out West feels like a long time coming.” 

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