Hi-Wire Transitions to 16 oz. 6-packs for Core Lineup; Debuts Hard Seltzer Alternative

It’s out with the old and in with something bigger and better as Hi-Wire Brewing transitions all of the Asheville-based brewery’s beer exclusively into 16 oz. cans.

In 2021, Hi-Wire rolled out its best-selling flagship Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA as well as the brewery’s staple Hi-Wire Lager in six-packs of 16 oz. cans to test whether craft beer drinkers welcomed a different kind of six-pack in the cooler – one that offered more beer but at a similar price point to traditional 12 oz. six-packs. “It’s a point of differentiation in a crowded segment and it catches customers’ eyes,” said Chris McLain, Chain Account Manager for Hi-Wire Brewing, “and in this massive marketplace with 9,000 operating craft breweries, we feel the need to constantly push the envelope to stand out.” That test was an obvious success with Hi-Wire observing a fifteen percent increase in the rate of sale at grocery stores and retailers seeing ten percent more dollars added to their bottom lines from these two Hi-Wire products specifically over the course of the year. For 2022, the brewery is going all in by transitioning its entire lineup of canned beer including flagships, seasonals, specialties, and one-off releases to 16 oz. cans only. Even Hi-Wire’s twelve-packs will move to the 16 oz. format.

“There are very few craft breweries in the country doing six-packs and twelve-packs in 16 oz. cans, and Hi-Wire is the first independent craft brewery to launch this package innovation in our nine state market,” according to Brian Laggis, Hi-Wire Brewing’s Sales Director. Beginning immediately, Hi-Wire Brewing’s new 16 oz. six-packs and twelve-packs will be distributed throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, and Indiana.

Laggis continued, “Our liquid overdelivers for the price, and the 16 oz. format allows us to provide even more value to our customers and help our retailers become more profitable.” With that, the brewery intends to never fill a 12 oz. can again because Hi-Wire believes ‘Bigger is Better.’

The Asheville craft brewer has also just released Mountain Water Citrus Splash Easy Drinking Ale, or as Hi-Wire refers to it, ‘the beer to share with your seltzer friends.’ “While loads of other breweries are making seltzers, we decided to stick to what we know, but we recognize that people want lighter, flavorful, and easy to toss back drinks,” McLain said of the concept for Mountain Water. “Instead of trying to fight against the growing sea of seltzer, Mountain Water is making its own waves.” At a crushable 4.5% ABV, Hi-Wire’s newest year-round flagship comes off bright and citrus-forward from additions of lemon and lime with an energizing crispness. “There is really nothing like it in the beer category,” added Laggis.

Crafted with the mountains of western North Carolina that Hi-Wire calls home in mind, Mountain Water is best enjoyed while hiking, hanging, and adventuring outdoors, and fittingly, this Easy Drinking Ale also falls into the “better for you” category containing just 110 calories per 12 oz. serving. “…[B]ut it sets itself apart in that category with its superior flavor, authenticity, and fun-factor,” said Laggis. Mountain Water Citrus Splash (4.5% ABV) is available now throughout Hi-Wire Brewing’s nine-state distribution footprint in six-packs of 16 oz. cans.

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