Ska Fabricating Debuts Magic Bus Fully Automated Can Depalletizer

The latest product from Ska Fabricating, the Magic Bus, joins the fabrication company’s portfolio of canning options today. The Magic Bus is a fully automated can depalletizer with pallet management capable of speeds up to 600 CPM. It is ideal for any application where speed is important, increased automation is needed, and operator involvement can be minimized, and is now available to beverage companies worldwide.

The Magic Bus is all about two things: speed and true automation. Gone are the days of pouring time and labor into the manual handling of pallets, top frames and tier sheets on canning lines— the Magic Bus allows packaging teams to “set it and forget it” by simply loading cans, debanding, and pressing start. A standard two-pallet infeed pulls pallets of cans into a depalletizer, where they are automatically emptied, stacked, and have their top frame and tier sheets removed and stored. Learn more about this radical new machine in this video

Two craft breweries have already implemented use of the Magic Bus in their canning operations. This new product can be found in the wild at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine and Maui Brewing on Maui island in Hawaii.

“It’s a pallet loader that lets us queue up a full pallet of empty cans in an infeed system that will then automatically index that next pallet into the depalletizer rather than waiting for a fork lift driver to do it. It’s one more way of making sure we keep the filler running and don’t starve it of cans. We were the first to install one of these systems from Ska.” – Sean Diffley, Engineering Director at Allagash Brewing Co.

Join the Ska Fabricating team for The Magic Bus virtual release party on Friday, April 24 at 10am MST, with a live demonstration of this new product followed by a q&a segment with Ska Fab’s fabrication experts.

Ska Fabricating is now accepting orders for the Magic Bus. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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