Dorchester Brewing, Yakima Chief Hops Team Up to Support Craft Beer Ecosystem

Dorchester Brewing Company (, Boston’s largest contract brewing facility, is excited to announce a new industry-first partnership with Yakima Chief Hops ( which gives small and growing craft breweries access to the highest quality hops and production discounts with the goal of supporting craft breweries.

Competitive pricing on hops, combined with the jointly-offered production discounts means that breweries working with DBco through this Yakima Chief Hops partnership can save big on costs and increase their margin to support their business in a highly-competitive environment.

Yakima Chief Hops, the industry leader in hop quality, and Dorchester Brewing Company share the same mission that small craft breweries should have access to the highest quality brewing ingredients andequipment/facilities as the “bigger guys.”

In order to level the playing field, this new partnership will give these small craft breweries access not only to the Yakima Chief Hops at competitive contracted rates but also Dorchester Brewing Company’s state of the art facility and equipment, including their QA/QC and lab program. Through the quality programs, competitive sourcing and cost-plus pricing, small and growing breweries can now appreciate similar margins to breweries producing 300bbls or more.

“We are excited to team up with Yakima Chief Hops because of their industry reputation for excellence, and we found a natural synergy in working towards the same shared passion and mission of supporting small and growing craft breweries by lowering costs while increasing quality,” said Matt Malloy, CEO/Co-Founder at Dorchester Brewing Company. “With interest rates up, many breweries are turning to outsourced production instead of new equipment or facility investments for larger production SKUs, allowing them to focus on selling and marketing of their brand vs producing volumes of beer. By taking advantage of this partnership and contract brewing at our state-of-the-art facility, breweries can continue to scale and grow during this unstableeconomy, without the exposure, risk, and interest rates of facility projects. Ultimately, this partnership is about supporting the entire ecosystem of craft beer: quality for brewers and consumers, and pricing to increase margins so that craft breweries can sustain and invest in their business.”

In addition to competitive pricing on hop sourcing, Dorchester Brewing and Yakima Chief Hops are offering contract brewing discounts of $150 off 30bbl, $400 off 60bbl and $1,000 discounts off 120bbl production amounts through 2023.

To qualify, breweries must be a new customer to DBco, and the production credit excludes production in the months June and July when Dorchester Brewing is at peak capacity.
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