Ska Fabricating™ Announces New Mobile Depalletizer

Ska Fabricating is pleased to announce the Half Pint, a new Mobile Depalletizer that will begin shipping this spring.

“A true mobile depalletizer proven under mobile working conditions” said Matt Vincent, President and Co-Owner at Ska Fabricating. “The original design for this new depalletizer was purchased from Owen Lingley at Craft Canning & Bottling located in Portland, OR. We really liked some features of the original design and we are excited to show it off with our new modifications.”

Designed for Mobile Canners or Tight Spaces

The Half Pint mobile depalletizer is designed for mobile canners, breweries with tight space restrictions and equally tight budgets. There is little to no installation required making this depalletizer a great option for canning lines from 15 CPM to 60 CPM, international breweries or breweries with tight budgets. It works with half high pallets of aluminum, plastic or composite containers. The depalletizer is very light and is a perfect match for breweries with multi use spaces or mobile canning operations. It is specifically designed for low clearance applications such as box trucks or low ceiling heights. It incorporates an automatic push bar which loads the containers onto a chute which feeds through a rinser to the filler. The unit is made of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum. It will be available with multiple power configurations.

Mobile Depalletizer Availability

The product design was driven by customer feedback and Ska Fabricating’s commitment to providing industry leading solutions for depalletizing. It is available for order now and will begin shipping this spring.

Founded in 2012, Ska Fabricating is the worldwide leader in small footprint depalletizers. Co-founder Matt Vincent designed the first small footprint depalletizer catering to the Craft Brewing market. Ska Fabricating has a worldwide presence with customers in 14 countries and 48 states.

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